Our clients span industries, geographies, and sectors. No matter the context, all want to harness the power of communities and networks to accelerate their growth. From start-ups to established enterprises, we work with clients to optimise and scale their organisations in today’s digital world.

Fintech & Payments

Technology-powered services continue to reshape the global financial sector as banking services are increasingly unbundled. We help our clients navigate these digital innovations and develop winning platform strategies.

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E-commerce and Retail

The Internet has fundamentally changed the way we shop. With Launchworks, retailers can strategically combine their assets and harness the power of digital business models.

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Manufacturing & Industry

Manufacturing is being disrupted by platforms across a range of business activities. Against this backdrop, we help our clients leverage digital innovation to remain leaders in their industry.

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Media & Tech

The cultural shift from broadcast to community management is in full swing in the communications sector, bringing with it new regulatory and competitive challenges. The Launchworks team helps our clients to develop community-centric platform strategies.

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Healthcare & Pharma

Platform-powered solutions are helping to overcome challenges like access to care, a shortage of professionals, and the rise of chronic illnesses. We’re helping our clients harness the potential of digital innovation in health.

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Platforms & Marketplaces

As experts in platforms and marketplaces, we know what it takes to successfully design, ignite, scale and defend these businesses. Our tailored ‘platform booster’ programmes deliver high-impact insights and recommendations for leadership teams to unlock exponential growth.

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Startups & Scaleups

It takes strategic action to transform a great idea into a thriving business. Bringing our proven expertise, we work with emerging platforms to create unique value propositions and accelerate growth at this key stage.

Mature Platforms

For sustained success, platforms need to continuously refine and optimise their ecosystems. Our unique platform strategies help mature platforms identify growth bottlenecks, minimise friction, and build trust among participants.

Established Companies

The pace of change across many sectors puts pressure on businesses to remain innovative and competitive. We help established companies to understand the fast-moving digital environment and harness the potential of new technologies.