Platform Strategy Executive Briefings & Workshops

Our workshops explore key platform concepts and deliver actionable insights.

We bring a wealth of knowledge on platform business models, digital innovation, and market dynamics.

As businesses develop their platform strategies, our workshops help Launchworks clients to gain a competitive edge.


Get the tools and frameworks to harness the power of platforms and update your strategy

Strategic Briefings & Executive Workshops

Lasting Results

All participants get a copy of the Platform Strategy book, exclusive workshop content and a licence to use tools & frameworks

High Impact

The authors of Platform Strategy, who have researched and worked for platform business models for years, deliver the interactive workshops and answer your questions

High Value

For the price of going to a conference, we equip leaders and executives with the tools and insights to craft their own platform strategies

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What are platform based business models?

Business model types: Distributors, Manufacturers, Platforms Yes Yes Yes
Platform types: from marketplaces to social media Yes Yes Yes
Pure platform businesses vs platform-powered ecosystems Yes Yes Yes
Underlying economic principles of platform businesses Yes Yes

How do platforms/marketplaces operate?

The Platform Rocket Model vs Value Chain Yes Yes Yes
Core functions: Attract, Match, Connect, Transact, Optimise Yes Yes Yes
Strategic enablers: Governance, Trust & Brand Yes Yes Yes
Supporting enablers: IT, UX, Payments Yes Yes
Case studies Yes Yes

How to manage a platform across its life stages?

Designing the business model Yes Yes
Igniting a platform business Yes Yes
Scaling up a platform Yes Yes
Defending a platform position at maturity Yes Yes

What does it mean for you?

Implications in terms of strategy formulation Yes Yes
Implications in terms of value proposition Yes
High level platform impact on key industry stakeholders Yes
Interactive session to craft your Platform Strategy Yes

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