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Launchworks provides strategic advisory services and deep expertise.

We work with our clients to formulate and execute strategies in network industries, “data-centric” business models and platform businesses.

Based on a clear understanding of competitive forces, our data-driven analysis delivers long-term value and sustainable market positions for our clients.

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Client Stories

A major global technology provider enlisted the help of Launchworks to think through the strategic implications of new innovative business models in the telecom, IoT and Smart Home space. We worked with the Head of Innovation of the company to develop new platform centric use cases and market development scenarios. This allowed our client to assess the impact of platforms on its own organization as well as on the business models of its global telecommunications clients. We investigated possible entry of platform operators in the IoT/Smart home spaces both from the perspective of individual telecoms firms and at an ecosystem level. We also provided groundbreaking analysis on the inner working platform businesses –covering core processes such as ‘Idea to Market’, ‘X to cash’ and ‘Trouble to Resolve’- in order to inform our client’s strategy. Our work was subsequently presented to the CEO and key executives and is currently shaping a range of strategic initiatives within the organization.

The CEO of a leading software group retained Launchworks to review its business strategy. We interviewed all key internal and external shareholders in key geographies and worked closely the management team to develop a new business strategy in light of fast changing market conditions. We developed a strategy narrative and helped to reposition core products within its portfolio. We also supported the firm develop its marketing strategy and initiate discussions with potential buyers in the context of market consolidation. A large telecommunications provider subsequently acquired the company.

This global payment platform enlisted Launchworks to work with its leadership team in order to help them design winning strategies in the context of a changing regulatory environment requiring a full reorganisation of the business. Over a nine months period Launchworks worked closely with a small team of key executives from the strategy and regulatory teams to design a regulatory compliant target organisation. Workshops were organised with the leadership team and each individual board member was interviewed as part of this exercise. This resulted in a new target organisational structure, made of individual platform business units, each with their own distinct strategic priorities. The new organisational structure and associated strategy have been successfully implemented and the business was recently valued at $23 billion.

We have been retained by a publishing group to help with the design of a new digital strategy and the launch of new innovative products and services. We worked with the CEO and leadership team to both strengthen the core business model of the company and to identify new market opportunities for growth. We subsequently helped design the business plan and operating model of a new digital auction platform targeted at existing and new clients. We worked alongside the management team throughout the project from idea generation to product launch and scaling.


We have an immediate impact on your organisation. We quickly mobilise the best team for the project and identify key high impact problem areas. We aim to report back with our initial insights and findings within a week of starting the assignment. We are also able to iterate quickly and even work with product teams to prototype solutions and concepts in just a few days.

We know that very few strategic challenges are solved in silos. That's why we combine our economic, regulation, strategy, marketing and technology expertise to craft bespoke solutions for our clients. Operating at the nexus of these different fields allows us to identify and prioritise sustainable high impact strategies.

We are part of a vibrant and innovative ecosystem of investors, entrepreneurs, managers, academics, and policy makers who are shaping the digital revolution. We leverage these relationships for the benefit of our clients and ensure that relevant, actionable market intelligence and analysis is captured in our work.

We have witnessed first-hand the extent to which Internet-enabled firms have disrupted traditional markets. But the digital aspect of this transformation often overshadows what we believe is a deeper shift in value. Digital platforms like eBay, Google or Amazon are not simply recreating traditional business models online, they are creating new platform-powered ecosystems. Uber has no cars, Airbnb has no real estate, and yet by developing, leveraging and connecting communities, these firms are creating billions of economic value. That's why all our consultants have significant digital platform and e-commerce experience - to help you harness the power of platforms to create communities.



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