Jérémie Charlet

AI Expert and Data Engineer

Jérémie Charlet specialises in applying AI technologies to boost the performance and innovation potential of organisations. His work ranges from diagnosing AI readiness, training, to offering implementation support. The ethical and sustainable use of AI is central to Jérémie’s work for clients, both in terms of AI usage within organisations and in the development of AI-based products and services.

Jérémie has worked on numerous AI projects including implementing a complex claims handling system for a leading insurance company. He also contributed to the digitalisation of national archives of the British Government by developing AI products and processes. Jérémie is proficient in many development languages, environments and ML Ops.

Additionally, Jérémie is a lecturer in the “AI for Business” module of the MSc in International Marketing and Business Development at EM Lyon.

He is an engineering graduate from ECAM Lyon and holds an MSc in Computer Sciences from Staffordshire University, UK.


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