Monroe Labouisse

Platform Trust Architect

Monroe is a San Francisco based platform veteran with a wealth of expertise in customer support, trust, safety and consumer protection for network, marketplace, sharing economy and payment start-ups. He lives just outside San Francisco and has worked for Silicon Valley companies for 15 years.

Monroe worked at eBay and PayPal for 10 years, first as a Senior Category Manager at eBay Motors. He was then in charge of consumer protection programmes globally at eBay (Global Director, Consumer Protection) and PayPal (Director of North America Marketplaces). Monroe was responsible for customer support, trust and safety operations globally at Airbnb (Director of Customer Service, Trust and Safety) from 2011 to 2014. He was subsequently the head of customer support for Stripe, a new competitor to PayPal used by many new web and mobile companies, until August 2015. Monroe has more recently served as a senior advisor to Turo, the peer-to-peer car rental marketplace and Roadie, a neighbour-to-neighbour shipping network.

Monroe knows how to ensure customer service and trust levels are maintained as platforms scale, sometimes at a breath-taking pace. The trust and customer service teams he led grew from only a handful of people to hundreds of employees globally.

While he has deep expertise on the resolution of online, peer-to-peer, and small business to consumer transactions, Monroe also advises platforms on a range of product management, product marketing, and business development topics.

Monroe graduated from Harvard College.

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