Governments and regulators

Governments, industry regulators and competition authorities face unique challenges in trying to ensure that markets become – or remain – effectively competitive.

In some industries, as monopoly market structures transition to competitive ones, regulating dominant firms requires unique skills and capabilities. Even in markets deemed competitive, proposed mergers or contracts between market participants can undermine competition.

Ensuring a competitive outcome is a difficult exercise. Market participants often have more information and resources at their disposal than regulators and competition authorities. Due process needs to be followed to avoid successful appeals, or even judicial reviews, and competition trade-offs need to be considered in the analysis.

Launchworks has extensive experience in regulated industries and provides expert training and advice on regulatory issues, regulatory economic analysis, as well as sector-specific market intelligence.


We have an immediate impact on your organisation. We quickly mobilise the best team for the project and identify key high impact problem areas. We aim to report back with our initial insights and findings within a week of starting the assignment. We are also able to iterate quickly and even work with product teams to prototype solutions and concepts in just a few days.

We know that very few strategic challenges are solved in silos. That's why we combine our economic, regulation, strategy, marketing and technology expertise to craft bespoke solutions for our clients. Operating at the nexus of these different fields allows us to identify and prioritise sustainable high impact strategies.

We are part of a vibrant and innovative ecosystem of investors, entrepreneurs, managers, academics, and policy makers who are shaping the digital revolution. We leverage these relationships for the benefit of our clients and ensure that relevant, actionable market intelligence and analysis is captured in our work.

We have witnessed first-hand the extent to which Internet-enabled firms have disrupted traditional markets. But the digital aspect of this transformation often overshadows what we believe is a deeper shift in value. Digital platforms like eBay, Google or Amazon are not simply recreating traditional business models online, they are creating new platform-powered ecosystems. Uber has no cars, Airbnb has no real estate, and yet by developing, leveraging and connecting communities, these firms are creating billions of economic value. That's why all our consultants have significant digital platform and e-commerce experience - to help you harness the power of platforms to create communities.



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