Platform advisory
for start-ups
BETA programme – upon invitation only

We love start-ups… and start-ups love us!

We receive emails from start-ups almost every day asking for advice or tips to design, ignite and scale their platform. We’ve been trying to help, over countless calls and coffees, but the demand is so high now that we’d like to find more efficient ways that make sense for both parties.

Traditional consulting is not adapted for start-ups. That’s partly because traditional engagement models have been designed by and for large firms with long sales processes, convoluted price negotiations, and formal competitive pitching requiring full proposal development.

So we’ve decided to try a new ‘upside down’ model tailored to start-ups and SMEs. It’s the same high quality service and expert advisors who do the work but the whole process is reengineered from scratch.

Keep it fast and simple

Most entrepreneurs and start-ups are averse to admin, long reports, and consider complex contracts a waste of time

Platform Advisory Principles

No price discussion

You, the client, propose your price which we decide to accept or not

No admin

All done by email including a very straightforward confidentiality agreement

Very simple payment terms

50% when order is accepted and 50% on fulfilment

No formal written reports

Emails are enough 99% of time

Practical communications

Use of Skype or WhatsApp

Keep costs to a minimum

Avoid face to face meetings or travel

How we can help you

Generic engagements

  • Talking through a platform idea/concept/strategy
  • Reviewing options in the context of important management decisions
  • Individual coaching for new platform founders
  • Helping with platform business planning

Specialist engagements

  • Talking about specific aspects of platform design, ignition, scaling
  • Discussing aspects of platform businesses including attracting, matching, connecting participants, enabling and optimising transactions
  • Reviewing platform enablers such as governance, trust, pricing, brand, technology and payments

Relevant and specific advice

While traditional advisors tend to be generalists with a range of tools and methods at their disposal, we are experts in platform business models (marketplaces, payment networks, app stores, etc.) and can generally go straight to the issues at hand and share our expertise quickly. Getting rid of all administration, written reports, and price discussions allows us to be fast. Most missions last days and we can advise individuals as well as organisations.

This is a Beta programme upon invitation only

The current programme is in beta and upon invitation only as we are trying out the concept. We’ll review how it worked in a few months’ time and iterate. Our current objective is for Launchworks & Co advisors to spend approximately 25% of their time on start-up projects (on average) so we won’t be able to accept all projects.

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    Special Thanks

    We would also like to thank Olivier Goudineau, Smiling founder & CEO of Food micro consulting, for his insights on this new market approach that we’re testing. If you’re into food do check out his site: