Launchworks provide strategy and innovation advisory services to high-growth companies of any size. We have specialist expertise in network industries, disruptive digital businesses and platform business models.

Our beliefs

Companies with disruptive business models are achieving market-leader positions at an unprecedented speed. Four of the top five brands in the world (Apple, Google, Microsoft and IBM) have established themselves thanks to ecosystems and platforms rather than traditional products or services. And it’s not just about brand equity: Apple, Google and Microsoft are three of the five largest companies in the world in terms of market capitalisation.

The strategic principles that guided companies a decade ago are now showing their limits as new organisational forms emerge. Competition is being redefined, pricing now follows completely different rules, marketing is hyper-targeted and data-driven. These new rules challenge the very basis of competition for established businesses and new entrants, as well as regulators and governments.

The exponential availability of customer data is now providing powerful competitive insights. But while some data driven companies thrive on this new “big data” phenomenon, others seem incapable to develop and act on these information feedback loops. The competitive gap between “data centric firms” able to identify, capture, store, analyse and act on relevant data and their less nimble competitors is increasing fast.

Platforms need to internalise the needs and wants of their communities to grow the overall value of the platform. The design of these ecosystems, their interfaces with other business models and their underlying governance principles are key elements for succeeding in the new economy.

Maybe you have an innovative business model? Maybe you are a platform business? Or maybe you are a more traditional organisation keen to transition to the new economy? We believe we can help. We can help you map out strategic priorities, design experiments, generate data driven insights and refine your business model accordingly. We can help you succeed in the online world.

Why Launchworks

We have specialist expertise in digital businesses

We have both advised and worked for the boards and senior management teams of large international firms, as well as regulators and governments of many countries. We have taught at leading business schools and held senior management positions, both in high-growth startups and established companies. This experience has given us invaluable insights into technology, e-commerce, network industries, as well as the supporting ecosystems and digital platforms.

We are platform people

We have both advised and worked for leading global platform. This has allowed us to develop tools and frameworks that can be directly applied to many innovative high-growth firms to help them succeed in the digital economy. We assemble uniquely qualified teams of experts who work closely with our clients to address complex real-life business issues.

Our Founders

Benoit Reillier

Founder and Managing Director

Benoit Reillier is the Managing Director of Launchworks. He specialises in strategy, training, and innovative business models and ecosystems, including multisided platforms. Benoit has been advising the boards and senior management teams of blue chip companies, regulators and governments for more than 20 years.

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Laure Claire Reillier

Founder and Director

Laure Claire Reillier is a Director at Launchworks specialising in marketing, product development and e-commerce. She has 20 years experience in developing, managing and marketing products and services for e-commerce, telecom and software companies. Laure Claire also has extensive experience in B2B, B2C and C2C marketing.

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Join our team

Justin Coutts
Justin Coutts

Platform Value Architect

Justin specialises in Pricing, Economics and Strategy.

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Monroe Labouisse
Monroe Labrouisse

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Nicolas Bailleux
Nicolas Bailleux

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If you have the right skills, a passion for innovation, and would like to explore opportunities at Launchworks, please get in touch.



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