Richard Cadman

Platform Regulation Expert

Dr. Richard Cadman is a senior strategy, policy, and market consultant specialising in network and platform markets and has a special expertise in electronic communications. Richard has 30 years work experience in both large and small businesses, including more than twenty years as a consultant. His clients include payment platforms, major telecommunications companies, mobile phone networks, industry associations satellite and cable companies as well as national and supra-national government bodies.

Richard delivers compelling policy arguments based on a rigorous, competition-economics analysis of market dynamics. His work has supported firms argue cases before relevant nation and trans-national regulators, policymakers and competition authorities.

He is an Associate of the Centre for Competition Policy at the University of East Anglia, from where he was awarded a PhD in 2015. He has a MA in Competition and Regulation Policy from UEA and and a Bachelors degree in Politics and Economics from York University.

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