In an era where technology is transforming at an astonishing pace, we’re constantly renegotiating the rules of engagement. But one thing remains non-negotiable: dialogue and collaboration are as vitally important as ever. And with platforms actively reinventing how we meet, interact and transact, the implications of technological innovation aren’t simply hypotheticals. Rather, platforms are shaping our shared future.

Platform Leaders offers a unique opportunity for practitioners, academics, policymakers and entrepreneurs to explore this future. From the beginning, the aim of the conference has been to foster dialogue across disciplines. By bringing platform leaders together, we can glean valuable insights and broaden our view of the digital platform landscape – and its many possibilities.



New hybrid format for Platform Leaders

This November, a new hybrid format and expanded speaker line-up at Platform Leaders will offer attendees the most comprehensive view to date. Across three keynotes and five panel discussions, we’ll cover new frontiers and familiar – yet ever-evolving – territory. 

We’ll return to the topic of generative AI and the way it may be rewriting the business strategy playbook. AI will also serve as a fresh lens for our ongoing discussion about the state of digital platform regulation. And we’ll welcome several groups of subject-matter specialists with deep expertise in areas like academic platform research, venture capital funding for platforms, innovation in payment platforms, and sustainability-focused platform ecosystems.

The next event will be held in person at the Science Museum in London. Simultaneously, there will be a live stream of all keynote presentations and panel discussions for those joining from around the world.

In-person attendees are also invited to join us for a networking lunch and a drinks reception to round out the day, including a guided tour of the Museum after the close of the conference.

Platform Leaders: a 360° look at the future of platforms

The Smith Centre, the Science Museum, London


Generative AI-powered platform strategy

As the fevered buzz around generative AI settles to a constant hum, the conversation about its strategic and disruptive potential is deepening. AI research and deployment companies like OpenAI have already profoundly transformed the landscape, affecting even well-established platforms. As the game changes, how can businesses update their playbooks and gain and maintain a competitive advantage?

To get an inside take, we’ll hear from Arka Dhar, Product Lead at OpenAI. In addition to founding and running Zinier, an intelligent field service automation platform, Arka is an alum of MIT, the London Business School’s Sloan Programme, TripAdvisor, and Rocket Internet.


Policymaking in an AI world

Milestone regulatory packages – the Digital Services Act (DSA) and the Digital Market Act (DMA) – have come into effect in Europe and are already making a global impact. The UK and the US are poised to introduce their own legislation, but with new technologies like AI already emerging, the regulatory environment could shift yet again. To discuss, we’ve invited a select group of cross-disciplinary experts, working on these topics even as they continue to evolve.


In-depth insights on venture capital funding and academic platform research

Amidst a more challenging investment landscape and unpredictable global economy, digital platforms are faced with different hurdles on the road to funding and profitability. To explore this in depth, we’ve brought together a panel of venture capital experts, coming from across the European VC community. They’ll talk about key trends affecting the investment landscape and offer advice for platform founders looking to secure VC funding.

In the panel on the future of platform research, we’ll hear from academics working at the leading edge of this discipline. They’ll share recent significant findings, emerging theories and trends and the most promising areas of future inquiry. Thanks to the interdisciplinary nature of this field, we’ll benefit from a range of perspectives, including technical, economic, social, ethical and regulatory considerations.


Platform-powered innovation: circular economies and payment solutions

To round out the programme, we’ll present two different panels from specific fields within the digital platform landscape. For the discussion of circular platforms and sustainable economies, we’ve assembled a group of marketplace practitioners. They’ll speak to how digital platforms can act as front-line collaborators in the transition to a circular economy, while also navigating the challenges of scaling and creating lasting impact.

Early payment platforms reshaped the global payment landscape and changed the ways we transact. Today, another wave of businesses is working to do the same with alternative payment solutions such as wallets, super-apps, digital currencies and NFTs. At the same time, there’s ongoing impact from regulation, and marketplaces and social media companies are looking to build native payment solutions that their users can trust. We’ve put together a panel of experts, mainly practitioners themselves, to narrow in on the evolution and future of payments.


Platform Leaders: a 360° look at the future of platforms

The Platform Leaders Conference is a unique meeting place for entrepreneurs, academics, policymakers and practitioners alike. Register today and join the conversation and take part in Platform Leaders: a 360° look at the future of platforms.



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